Salmon Fishing

The North Island is home to some amazing salmon fishing!

37 lb Chinook caught in Welles Pass
37 lb Chinook caught in Welles Pass

We offer different options for salmon fishing, depending on time of year, species you are after, and your tolerance to open-water fishing in big swells. The sheltered waters of Port McNeill are home to all five species of pacific salmon, but mostly we target Chinooks, the "BIG ONES"! The 2018 season is also forecast to have an abundant sockeye run, giving us our first opportunity to target them since 2014. Our home waters of Port McNeill are protected inside waters that are ideal for those who want a relaxing day on the water, or to take their children (kids are welcome!) on a family fishing trip and still experience some great fishing!

For those who are seeking a little more adventure on their trip, we also offer trips to the west coast (Quatsino Sound) or to the B.C. Mainland. You can experience some big swells and rougher water on these trips, but also some fabulous fishing! A Gravol patch is recommended, unless you are used to fishing on "big water". These trips are a little more expensive, due to logistics and higher fuel costs.
If you are a year round fisherman like myself, there is some good winter Chinook fishing to be had in the Port McNeill area. These trips are offered at a reduced rate, because it is off-season and the chance of weather cancellation is greater. There are often halibut available in the winter as well. These trips are teamed up with crabbing and prawning, so you will end up with an unforgettable sea-food smorg!
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